The Plant

Built in 2010.


  • 700 000 s.u. corn;
  • 200 000 s.u. sunflower;
  • 10 000 tons of soybeans, wheat, barley, canola and other crops.

All of the seeds of corn, sunflower and soybean, which are sold by “Agroindustrial Company Mais” to our partners, is produced on the company’s plant.

European standards of product quality are achieved through continuous technological plant upgrade. During the period of 2013-2014 we increased the capacity of the  of thereceiving, thrashing and sorting departments, having installed the equipment of KEITH USA. All this helped to increase the total productivity.

Using the equipment of the Danish company CIMBRIA our new sorting department with a capacity of 6-8 tons per hour (300-400 sowing units of output) has been working successful. The modern ColourSorter uses sensors and cameras sorting the seeds by color, structure, size and shape. It detects even the slightest differences that can not be identified by the human eye. No other technology in the world provides such quality cleaning.

At the output of the line we have an automated packing line of the «CONCETTI» brand with an efficiency of 700 sowing units per hour.

On the territory of the plant we have severalcold storage areas with a total area of more than 2500 м3, so as to preserve the corn seeds in the hot part of the year.

All the stages of seed production are controlled by the laboratory. At each stage, samples are taken for research. All processes that affect quality, pass the strict control similar to the one implemented in every European plant. Samples of each seeds batch are inspected by the State Seed Inspection in full compliance with the state standards, thus, we can assert confidentlythat the seeds from the “Agroindistrial Company Mais” – isin itself the quality, technologically equipped and technically verified by experience. And this is the key to high yield.