Statement of the Honorary President of the Group of companies

DSC_4101-1Dear workers of the Ukrainian fields!

Our life is improving as a result of the daily victories of every single one of us. And these victories are possible when we together with our own initiatives and actions create our future. Only then our surroundings change for the better.

“Agroindustrial Company Mais” has been an important player in the agricultural market of Ukraine for over 20 years. Thanks to our team and their efforts where everyone knows and performs his job professionally, we have achieved significant results in many areas of agriculture. The company “Mais” is constantly focused on the demands of the market and aims to be more dynamic, so as to be able to timely recommend and implement new technologies in the agricultural production of both crops and livestock.

The main field of the activities of our company is seeding. We are working on developing our own selection in order to create the most efficient hybrids for the modern climate conditions. Using the latest manufacturing facilities, the products of our company always demonstrate the best quality.

During the last few years we managed to double the capacity of the seed-sorting plant, as well as having upgraded the selection center. 15% of the acreage in Ukraine are sown with the hybrids of the Cherkasy “Mais” origin. 60% of our production is consumed by agricultural holdings such as “Kernel”, “Ukrainian Agrarian Investments”, “Mriya” and others. The company is constantly working on meeting the growing demand of the Ukrainian farmers for the corn hybrids of the highest quality.

Our goal is to build a long-term partnership with agricultural producers. Thus, for more than 20 years “Mais” has manged to cooperate fruitfully with the Ukrainian producers. Moreover, today “Mais” provides seed production services to our foreign partners, and has an opportunity to supply the hybrids of these companies to the market, having become their official distributor.

Looking ahead with optimism, I invite you to a fruitful cooperation. I wish you abundant harvests in any field of your activities.