Quality in every seed

MAIS Business

MAIS is an acknowledged leader of the Ukrainian seed business

For almost three decades our company has been establishing and spreading the culture of seed business in Ukraine.

Our goal is to build trust of local farmers to national product by providing them with high-quality seeds.


  • Honesty
  • Patriotism
  • Expertise
  • Responsibility
  • Leadership


MAIS is a pioneer of Ukrainian seed business. By establishing and spreading national culture and traditions of seed breeding, the company convincingly proves that Ukrainian agrarian market stands out not only in production volumes but also in quality of products.

Principles of business

  • Quality above all else
  • Effectiveness and innovation
  • Dedication to work
  • Transparency and legality
  • Ecological compatibility and safety
  • Respect for human dignity and social responsibility

Who we are

30 years in the market

years in the market

10 foreign partners

foreign partners

1000 loyal partners

loyal partners

Leader of the national seed market

of the national seed market


Back in 1991, our company appeared on the agrarian map of Cherkasy oblast and opened at that time yet unknown European page in the history of seed breeding in Central Ukraine. The Company became a game-changing agroindustrial manufacturer. MAIS became of a missionary and pioneer in this field.

We have had an ambitious goal – to provide high quality seeds to agricultural producers. For this purpose in 1992 on the territory of Cherkasy oblast, our first modern seed processing facility was built and equipped with machines delivered from the USA. Adopting the best domestic and foreign practices of seed breeding, MAIS, step by step, has been not only increasing seed production but also persistently promoting the latest achievements of scientists and plant breeders among agrarians.

  • 1991

    Foundation of MAIS

  • 1992

    MAIS constructs and launches its first seed processing facility

  • 1994

    The first three BOURGOIN corn cob harvesters are bought

  • 1996

    Start of the longterm cooperation with:

    – Institute Of Grain Cereal Crops NAAN
    – Yuriev’s Institute of Horticulture NAAN
    – NSC Institute of Agriculture NAAN

  • 1997

    Registration of SATURN – the first variety of own breeding program

  • 2000

    MAIS acquires 17 farms in 10 regions of Cherkasy oblast, the company’s cultivated land increases to 100,000 ha

  • 2001

    The area under seed-production plantings reaches 3,000 ha

  • 2006

    Sunflower dryer and calibration line are built

  • 2009

    The company’s breeding department is founded

  • 2011

    Modern seed processing facility is constructed in Cherkasy

  • 2012

    Doubling the production capacities, construction of second dryer and seizing tower

  • 2013

    Irrigation installed on first 1000 ha

  • 2015

    Irrigated area increases to 3000 ha

  • 2016

    Agro Arena LLC becomes official dealer of MAIS seeds

  • 2017

    Facility upgrades: seed germination cameras with regulated climatic conditions and own printing lab installation

  • 2018

    Irrigated plots account up to 4000 ha

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